Our Services


We provide ongoing feedback to eliminate unnecessary costs and delays. We focus on quality, schedule, design and savings. Our knowledge of construction costs and our positive relationships with the local sub-trade community allows us to provide accurate budgeting and schedule information during all stages of a project.

Budget & Cost Development


XGC believes strongly in the importance of providing continuous cost control feedback to allow the team to design to the budget as opposed to budget to a design

Construction Risk Management


The best way to ensure proper construction risk management is to identify the potential sources of risk and establish a mitigation plan to effectively ensure success.

Constructability Reviews


The constructability review process is intended to help improve the flow of construction and consequently the quality of a design.  The resulting benefit is a cost-effective design that is biddable, buildable, and maintainable.

Scheduling/Phasing Plans


XGC Consulting will provide a comprehensive schedule clearly indicating the major design milestones including all of the preconstruction, bidding, permitting and other project related schedule issues and activities leading to establishing a baseline task schedule.

Engineering for Value


In collaboration with the entire project team XGC helps to determine the scope of work that fits your budget and suggest areas for cost savings.  We are experienced in identifying alternative solutions to achieve the same results, while saving money in the process.

Bid Packaging & Procurement


Responsibility matrices are developed to help identify deliverables by all parties.  We will establish strategies to expedite construction in conjunction with the preconstruction process through multiple tendering.